I want to shout about the work that Tropic Skincare are doing to support those that have fallen victim.
We need more companies to tackle issues like these and make a stand to support those that feel so alone and worthless.

Domestic abuse thankfully is being spoken about a lot more recently and those that have suffered at the hands of an abuser are finding support and guidance that many years would have not been available.

We must remember that abuse is not only physical but emotional and mental abuse can cause as much damage to adults and children alike. This damage can affect their whole life as they carry around that feeling of worthlessness and an extreme lack of confident.

As I know personally, it takes a lot of self-worth work to let go of the feelings of blame, guilt, shame and fear. And, unfortunately if you suffer as a child and you haven`t been able to deal with those feelings of self-loathing you often attract those that will carry on the abuse, neglect and manipulation and you find yourself in that place of loneliness and fear once more.

It takes a lot of self-reflection and bravery to firstly notice that cycle of experiences and then to break free from it.

That's why it's so important that companies like Tropic support the work that charities are doing in this area, bringing to light some of the shocking statistics and helping support those that find themselves in these dark places.

This is what Susie Ma, the founder of Tropic has said on one of her social posts.
“I’ve thought long and hard about posting about our recent decision to support domestic abuse shelters, as I am very aware that domestic abuse is a highly sensitive topic which is often not spoken about on social media, especially from a beauty brand.
While I can’t ever claim to know exactly how it feels to be in the situations so many are in, I do want to use my own platform, as well as Tropic’s to open up a conversation, create a safe space and empower anyone who feels or who has ever felt alone, scared and vulnerable.

I was so sad to see the heart-breaking statistics that 1 in 3 women will experience domestic abuse in their lifetime which deeply affected me, especially when I think about how it could so easily be one of my friends, ambassadors, colleagues at work or even my own family.

The UN Population Fund found that Worldwide domestic abuse has risen dramatically since the coronavirus pandemic. It’s thought cases have increased by 20% during lockdown. In June, calls to @RefugeCharity were nearly 80% higher than usual. The lockdown proved especially difficult for migrant women, who are often not entitled to financial help from the state, as @SouthallBlackSisters discussed in a recent BBC article.

We’ve always been a brand that believes in taking small steps towards creating a healthier, greener and more empowered world. So with this in mind, we shall continue to provide products and care packages to some of the incredible charities and refuge centres who work so hard to help and support DA victims, in the hopes that this small gesture will remind them that they are loved, and valued.

Thank you to Refuge Charity, East Surrey Domestic Abuse Services, Sutton Women’s Centre, Women’s Trust, Wycombe Women’s Aid, Oasis Domestic Abuse Service and Southall Black Sisters for all that you do”

This is why I am so proud to use Tropic skincare in my make-over photo shoots and be a Tropic Ambassador, selling all the wonderful natural and vegan products in my studio.

Please support each other, not just in this time but all the time. Do not judge someone else's journey or decisions because you really have no idea what, how or why that person is at that exact point of their lives…be a support instead.

So, if you love skincare, make-up and gifts that are natural, vegan, kind to the planet and support charities that are making a real difference to many, many people, check out the Tropic online store for all the deliciousness that you will ever need.

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Love Sophia