Some of my new followers may not be aware that I also sell skincare, cosmetics and hair care here in the studio but mainly online now because of the strangness of 2020 and that dreaded lock down!

When I started offering Pamper and Portrait Parties I wanted to use natural products that not only wouldn't harm my clients, as many of them are young but I also wanted to use products that were good for the planet and certainly not tested on animals.

And low and behold I discovered Tropic Skincare, just at the right time and thankfully it ticks all the above wishes.  

I think that during lock down we have all realised how important it is to look after ourselves and the planet. Things can easily tip out of balance and we are plunged into calamity.

Think what could happen if we carry on abusing our planet and ourselves with all these products that are full of toxins, that we can't even say! Be truthful here, you can't can you?

I truly think that 2020 is the time to start making changes that can only improve our lives, the lives of our families and the lives of generations to come. Its time to make a stand!

If you would like to know more about Tropic Skincare and all the delicious products, feel free to drop me a message.

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We only have one life, one planet!

Love Sophia x

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Ps…Also Tropic skincare supports several charities from providing education to children in countries that are not able to study, helping girls and boys rise above their present situation to helping charities that support those that are affected by domestic abuse. It's important that we give back, where we can and help those that need a helping hand.