As I grow older and yes a lot bloody wiser, I realise that the title to this blog is so flipping true and beautiful! If only I had known this when I was a young women full of energy and madness….alright the madness is still there, probably increased, actually.

With that in mind I decided it is time to share the stories of all the amazing women that have enriched my life.  It is time to allow others to know of their greatness and feel their glow, so with that in mind I will be sharing their stories, in their words, here in the ShutterHut blog.

These woman have enriched my life in so many ways and I know that there are so many other people that can and will benefit from their amazing stories.

So here`s my dear friend Francoise who is one of the most determined people that I have ever had the pleasure to met.

Francoise at a Tropic stall

So my dear friend Sophia has asked me to write a little about myself to share on her blog post.  I`ve never written a blog, so this is a little bit of a stab in the dark, but here goes.

I love sharing my Tropic journey! I don`t think that I am particularly inspiring but I guess I must be doing something right.  As now not quite 2 years on and I`ve maintained as a Manager for well over a year and have a budding team of over 40 lovely ladies and have made the most amazing friends.

Tropic skincare image

In 2017 I started using the products after going to my friends pamper experience and fell in love with them. I have to admit that my reasons for becoming a Tropic Ambassador were mostly selfish with the need to feed my new habit and the love of the products!  The promise of the discount as an Ambassador and with the repeat orders from my own pamper experiences were very attractive! But, little did I know I was getting involved in the best experience of my life!!!

Now I am inspired and empowered every single day!  The amazing Susie Ma, founder of Tropic Skincare, is probably the most gracious, empowering, inspiring and incredible woman that I`ve ever met.  Not only has she created such beautiful, cruelty free, toxic free, award winning products that I love and share but she spends every day working hard towards creating a healthier, greener and more empowered world!  As well as being proud to represent a company that is cruelty free, vegan and carbon neutral I am honoured to be able to share this opportunity with other women.  Whether it's to be able to get products at a discount or enrich their lives with more income as well as friendship.

Tropic Poster, vegan, cruelyy free, toxin free, carbon neutral, ethical company

Over the 2 years that I have been sharing the Tropic love, I have met the most amazing women.  With so many of them becoming really close friends and enriching my life on a daily basis. I feel so privileged to have met so many of them and feel truly blessed.  I love that I get to go to ‘work' and spend time pampering lovley people and add value to their lives.  Tropic doesn't just provide me with products to share that are good for the people that I met, but it helps me empower them with the knowledge of how important it is to reduce our toxic load by using toxic free products.  With the huge added benefit that we are all contributing positively to the harsh impact human beings have on polluting our planet.

If I can change one person's habit on a daily basis and get them to change one product that affects their health and in turn stops polluting the planet, then I feel that I have done a good job.

If I can support one woman in making enough money to take her kids to the cinema or to feel boosted by gaining confidence to try something new, then I feel that I have done a good job.

If I can be there for a friend in need and support her by being a friend and offering her help or just put a smile on her face, then I've done a good job.

With 4 children to raise, I want to keep teaching my boys that women are strong and successful in everything that they do and that we nurture our whole world.  I want to teach my daughters that anything is possible and that we only get on in life by giving and supporting each other and by always striving to enrich whichever infinite purpose we choose to follow.

I'd like to finish by saying thank you to Sophia for enriching my life and inspiring me with the beautiful work and strong determination that she has and faces each day with.  

Onwards and upwards with women working hand in hand!

Love Francoise

“Surround yourself with only the people who are going to lift you higher” Oprah

Tropic oils and bath soak Delicious smells and soft skin, could you ask for more?

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