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So it's been a month since our FabYOUlous event. I say ours because I was honored to be asked to help organize this event of growth, connection and fun.  Lorraine, Francoise and Margaret I learnt so much from working along side you ladies. Each of you have such a strong, beautiful and caring spirit and I'm honored to call you my friends.

Our little band of women were excited, full of creative ideas and happy to be bringing together the women that we know, and didn't know, to benefit a whole lot of other women and their families.

”When women support each other, incredible things happen”

We had a dream, a passion and desire to bring together all the talented, caring and energetic women we know and share their wisdom with a wider audience.

We all, put in ALL of our hearts and souls, learning along the way…as you do! Making mistakes….as you do!
Oh yes, I hear you saying…she said ”Making mistakes”
Guys, get real! you only grow while making mistakes!

”The person who never made a mistake, never tried anything new”
Albert Einstein

Our most spectacular day was filled with heart, soul and love by every-one who helped out, had a stall or attended. There was joy, happiness and a whole lot of laughter. The feeling of love and connection was truly tangible.

We had a range of beautiful stalls from a wonderful tarot reader, Enchanted Life and Soul of a Party, to great craft stalls. For instance The Angel Lady, Ania Kasprzak, who makes the most delightful art from glass. Each stall provided the most fascinating and fabulous gifts and services for our guests.



 I was fortunate enough to be involved with the VIP experiences. Which provided the most delicious, self esteem promoting pampering, beginning with a full luscious facial and make-over, using totally vegan, cruelty-free and natural products. The experience culminated in a photo-shoot which is aimed at boosting self-esteem and self-acceptance in everyone’s very own personal beauty.

Which we all feel is extremely important to encourage and support within all those around us, from family to clients. You could say, it's our driving force!

Most of the day for nearly all involved, was spent chatting, laughing and the sharing of business.

Some great connections, or as I like to call them….friendships were made that day and I for one am extremely grateful to have been involved……here’s to the next one!!!

Thanks to some great prizes given by the stall holders we raised funds for a wonderful local charity, New Leaf Support. So thank you to all that contributed prizes and everyone who purchased a ticket. This made the day even more worthwhile, knowing we were helping others.

Here's just a few of the lovely comments that we received.

A Day of Friendship & Knowledge

I am so grateful to have had a fun and inspirational day with my fellow stall holders on the 5th October. As my first ever event for the company that I have started working for, I was a little nervous but I was welcomed into the group like an old friend.
Although it was a quieter day than the organisers would have liked, I had a good day personally with sales.
So, what was I promoting?
Magnetix-Wellness create gorgeous jewellery and wellness products which contain high gauss magnets.
There are many who benefit from magnetic therapy and the use of magnets in jewellery has been widely used for some years.
Our jewellery is designed in the UK and looks nothing like a wellness product. You would not know that what I wear is anything but beautiful and stylish jewellery. If you would like to know more than please contact me…..we even do home parties so you can shop from your seat not from your feet.

Carolyn Warner
Business Development Coordinator, Magnetix-Wellness


FabYOUlous Event

I attended the FabYoulous event and was so impressed by how professionally run it was. The stalls were spaced out nicely. There was a good selection of quality products and services to sample for visitors. The organisers were wonderful, really approachable and friendly, creating a warm welcoming environment.

It was a great event to showcase my business which is Vibrational Sound Therapy. I specialise in working with adults helping to release past hurt and trauma, who’ve experienced or suffer from depression, anxiety, overwhelm and exhaustion. Helping to optimise overall wellbeing and create a happier life. I also run the Science Sound Mindfulness Programmes and Workshops for children and teenagers. I’ve created these combining the wonderful powerful effects of vibrational sound therapy and emotional regulation techniques. Showing children and teenagers how to release emotions in a healthy way, learning how to relax, understand their feelings and develop awareness around self-regulation.

It was the perfect opportunity to explain my work in more detail delivering an organised talk and demonstration, meeting lots of wonderful and interesting people. A thoroughly enjoyable afternoon.

Diane McCann
Vibrational Sound Therapy


A Fab Event

I was excited to be involved with the FabYOUlous event with its focus being on women`s wellbeing and relaxation.  It was also great to have the chance to speak a bit more about what I do.

There are so many misconceptions around hypnotherapy that I take every opportunity to talk to people about it.

The event was really lovely, everyone who visited commented on the calm atmosphere in the hall.  There was adaquate time and space for meaningful conversations.

There was also opportunity to network with fellow stall holders, finding out more about each others businesses and making valuable connections.

‘Solution Focused' hypnotherapy which I practise is a modern, science based therapy, focusing on looking ahead to create the vibrant future that you want.

If you would like to find out more about what I do, please visit my website.


Claire Noyelle

Our VIP Guests had this to say about their experience

”We had a wonderful time”

”I felt totally spoilt”

”The set up was excellent”

”Amazing afternoon”

”Created by passionate women”

”I had a wonderful VIP experience”

So all in all the day out reached all of our expectations and many, many ladies gained a great deal from spending the afternoon with women filled with such wisdom and love.

So a huge thank you to all involved with the day from stall holders to guests and for the power of women working together for the benefit of others.

”Women who support others are confident, generous visionaries”
Mariela Dabbah

We have a hang-out group on facebook for all who wish to connect with like minded ladies. Come and say hi!


Love Sophia and the wonderful trio of Franciose, Margaret and Lorriane.

Connect with us individually and check out what we do!