Have you ever found your peace, comfort and uplift in the presence of your fellow women in business even if they are new acquaintances.

This is the blessing that I experienced on the 1st August at the Women in Business Big Show and I am so thankful to those women. 

To think that I nearly talked myself out of exhibiting because of personal issuses and I felt that I could not show my work to all of those professional women. That I did not fit in…..yes that dreaded ‘imposter syndrome' that Nicki from B By Nicki, spoke so brilliantly in-depth about, thank you Nicki.

However, I put on my super big girl pants and off I trotted, with my portraits, flyers and a positive energy, which I had willed to me the whole car journey.  How glad I am that I did, because that day helped my mojo start to return.

ShutterHut Photography stall at the Women in Business Big Show “All set up and ready to rock”

I often hear “Find your tribe” and I must confess that at first I thought, “What the bloody hell does that mean?”  However after that show, I realise that I have found my tribe of supporting, cheer leading females.  Women who enjoy supporting each other, who encourage and empower those that need it.  Women who are further on their journey but are willing to offer words of wisdom to those of us bringing up the rear.  Some of these women are my dear trusted friends but some are women who I have just had a fleeting connection with but they still cheer me on and show me the direction to travel.

This type of support and encouragement is priceless, not only in a monetary form but more importantly emotionally.  For, it is on the days when I struggle to cope to build a business, gaining new clients, running a home, being a mother and wife, that these women become ‘priceless pieces of art' and remind me why I started this journey and that I`m doing just flipping fine.  Best of all, that I not alone in this pursuit of a full life by following my destiny.

The Big Show was so fantastically organised by Sian Murphy founder of Stormchasers Digital, she has so many other caps, too many to list but be sure to go check her out.  What dedicated devotion she showed from my first connection with her, she really sold her event with the warmth and passion in her voice.


The whole event was full of opportunities to grow, learn and connect.  I was priviledged to listen to some fabulous talks.  Kelly Tolhurst, the small business minister for the UK, who shared passionately the needed place for women in the business world and Roni Savage, the phenomenal founder of Jomas, whos business journey is beyond inspirational. Both of these ladies put a fire in my belly to keep pushing onwards and upwards.

Kelly Tollhurst and Sophia Moseley



I was also lucky enough to be able to slip away from my exhibition for a brief time and listen to Nicki from B By Nicki, who spoke so honestly about a condition that affects many of us, ‘Imposter Syndrome'.  Which is a sly little devil that creeps up on me when I least expect it, so having a reminder of ways to pull myself from it's clutches was very welcome.


Unfortunately, I didn't get to any of the other wonderous talks that went on that day but the reports of how beneficial they were did not cease, so at the next show I intend to attend many.

It was so great to meet with ladies who I have already connected with via social media and put a real life being and voice to a virtual friend.  Making true, living connections. This is one reason that events like this one are so beneficial and needed for us all.

I chatted for hours with women, visitors and other exhibitors who share so many views and values.  Women who are becoming themselves, working towards their dreams, sharing their stories, alongside their products and services, just like me.

The whole day was full to the brim of gifts and glorious fun.  Thank you Sian for the gift, that you gave us all.

I've always believed that one women's success can only help another women's success” Gloria Vanderbilt

Let's continue to support, encourage, promote, share other's work and push forward the women around us and let's ‘ROCK THE WORLD TOGETHER'

Love Sophia