Natural light portrait by Sophia Moseley

As I travel through this bumpy journey of the business of selling my craft, I`m finding that I am discovering a great deal about myself and how I have ended up here.

A woman obsessed with photographing other women and creating something beautiful for others to enjoy. I feel great joy in seeing other women see how beautiful, interesting, joyful and bloody fabUlous they truly are. While I am creating work that helps others realise that they are wonderful, I am beginning to grasp that I am all of those positive traits as well, its only flipping taken me 47 years!!!!

So I started to think about why I have spent nearly half a century feeling like I was totally worthless and not special in anyway. I know that I am not alone in feeling this way, at all.

My childhood was very far from conventional and as I matured I always called it bohemian. However, I have in the last few years admitted that it was absolutely terrible but I also realised that it was nothing for me to be ashamed of and that I should be proud of myself, because I survived, this was a turning point for me.

Yes, I have spent a long period of time believing untruths about myself, many that I invented myself. Yes, I allowed others treat me in a way that was unacceptable because I believed that I was worthless and yes, I stopped myself chasing any dreams because….. lack of education, lack of support, I grew up on a council estate, my mum was a drunk,( I carried that chip on my shoulder, for years!) I'm old, a mum, the list goes on and on.

The truth is, I had no belief in myself as a child, as a teen and then as a women. This is because the seed of self belief was not planted as a small child and certainly not nurtured as I grew, by parents, teachers or society and definitely not by myself.

It is so important that we instil self belief in the young women coming behind us. That they realise that they are enough! They are talented enough, smart enough, kind enough, clever enough and certainly beautiful enough, just as they are!! They do not need to compete, conform, or change. They can chase whichever dream that they choose and we will support them, not stop them, we will not break them down. We must remember that not every girl has parents who are their number one cheerleaders! We all should be responsible in helping others see their fabulous potential.

I challenge you to find something wonderful to say to a stranger every day, for a week. It might be the only nice thing that they hear about themselves that week.

Francoise and I feel extremely blessed to have worked with some wonderful young women at our Pamper and Portrait Parties and feel it is a honour to help them realise how special they truly are, as they are.

Unfortunately in today`s age of media madness. Everyone can see how wonderful everyone else is or is doing etc….we all lose sight of how great we are. So for the younger generation it is so important that they truly value themselves, as they are and it is our job as, women who have already travelled that road, to guide them. Which is exactly what we do through our work with them and we find it extremely rewarding and empowering.

I especially feel a sense of duty, as I discover things about myself and overcome issues that have held me back, I must not let any others suffer by believing crap about themselves.

We are all such wonderful beings and life is a gift!! Do not waste it!!

Anyone who sees me hiding back in my box and shying away from new experiences, can kick my behind. I give you permission. In fact all encouragement is gratefully received.

May spring bring us all great joy and pleasure as we all realise. This is me and I am enough!

All my love, Sophia

Believe YOU can and YOU will!