The Support Series

Do you ever feel alone?

Are you struggling at the moment?

Are you fearful to turn to those that you know?

Do you need someone to talk to?

Recently I discovered a great UK charity based here in Kent. Well actually Sarah Drage contacted me when she saw an article about the book that I contributed a chapter to. In the chapter I share a snippet of my childhood and all the dramas that go with living with a alcoholic mum.

Since connecting with Sarah, I've been honoured to write an article for the WarriorKind website and Facebook group, as well as appearing in their new advert.

It was truly humbling to meet so many amazingly strong individuals, who had or still are overcoming a variety of issues and obstacles. Each one of them travelling through their own path of darkness, overcoming adversity and still being willing to share their stories in a bid to help others.

For me, as someone who felt alone, an outcast and unable to open up about my childhood and the shame that I carried with me for so long, it was an eye opener.
I realised that, I am not alone, that many share the same shame, guilt and thoughts as me!

But, here's the fantastic news, it's by sharing our stories that we can bid that shame goodbye and we can start to heal. It doesn't happen over night and there will be setbacks but one step forward is better than stopping still.

So YOU are not alone and please do not suffer alone!  Reach out! Reach out now!


“Asking for help is NOT weakness”

Be safe my beautiful friends,

Love Sophia x