Wow, summer hols are soon upon us, that's if your lovely offspring have even returned to school.

Well, you know here at The Hut, I like to give you ideas and tip bits, so with that in mind, here's a few more little ideas to keep your kids busy and more importantly, you sane, over the summer months.

Enjoy, my lovely friends, as you start to plan in all those summer activities!

Summer Ideas for the Creative Child

Not every child wants to spend their summer running around an obstacle course, playing football or rowing in a canoe. If your kid is naturally creative and loves expressing themselves, there are other types of summer activities to consider.

Art Group

If your child is always painting, drawing, and loves using different mediums to showcase their creativity, an art group will help them hone their skills and learn new ones. There are a number of groups that are centered around art and will give your child the opportunity to explore new mediums.


Photography Club

If your phone is filled with creative photos that your child took or they’ve shown an interest in how your DSLR camera works, why not send them to a photography club? Photography clubs cater to kids of all ages. Not only will they be taught how to use a camera, but they will also learn how to use angles and different settings to achieve a more creative and unique outcome. Even if you don’t have a DSLR camera that they can use, many photography clubs even teach children using smartphone cameras.

Writing Class

If your child is slightly older and has a passion for writing, there are a number of summer groups around the country that are geared towards the written word. From writing plays and poetry to short stories, your child can really explore and grow their writing skills surrounded by others who love it too.

Cooking Club

If your child just loves getting their hands dirty in the kitchen and is interested in trying new recipes, a cooking summer club might be exactly what they need. Cooking camps cater to children of all ages and levels. They focus on the basics and teach kids recipes that they can make right at home for the people they love.

Science Group

If your child can’t get enough of science, experiments, and biology, why not let them experience a science group this summer? It’s always exciting when your child can learn more about the things that truly interest them and share the experience with others who share their passions. Science groups will equip your child with interesting facts and give them the chance to experiment and have a little fun.

If you tend to struggle to convince your child to go to activities over their summer hols, giving them the option to try something more creative might do the trick.

For the children that have not yet returned to school, they may enjoy a little structured learning, once more. 

Here, in Kent there are many activites running. Maybe not as many as once would be running through the summer hols but I'm sure that there is something fun out there, for everyone.  I know that a lot of Kent trainers and providers are even offering online clubs, this summer.

“Creativity is as important as literacy”

May your summer be long, hot and joyful.

Love Sophia

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