Are you looking for some ideas to capture your family memories because family memories are so important.  Once our loved ones have passed those memories became even more important.

So here's some ideas for you to capture your loved ones and remember print those images and hang them pride of place, or give a gift that really does touch the heart.

Unique Photo Session Ideas You’ll Love

*Family history. Are you a fan of the photos that your grandparents or even great grandparents have taken? Why not replicate them yourself? All it takes is a bit of editing and you can achieve the same look and feel.

*First and last day of school. For the first day of school, get some fun pictures of your child getting ready. You can then do the same on the day that they graduate from high school so that you can create an amazing “before and after” picture. You can even choose to add on college photos later.

*Generational photos. Photos are one of those items that are passed down through generations so why not create one that future family members can treasure. Take a photo with your daughter, mom and grandma to show the generations of women in your family or any other mix of family members that you want to place in a picture together.

*Pregnancy pictures. There are many fun ways to show your progress through pregnancy and documenting it with photos is the perfect way to capture this time in your life. Years from now you’ll be able to take your child through your journey before you got to meet them and share that special moment with them.

*Pet portraits. If your pet is a member of your family then capturing memories with them is just as important. There are so many great ways to take some amazing photos whether it’s outside at a park or in the comfort of your own home.

*Save the date. Getting married in the near future? Taking a quirky couple photo where your wedding date is displayed is a lovely way to invite people to your wedding. You can do anything from writing the date on the bottom of your shoes to using chalkboards or balloons to display the date.

*Gender reveal. Why not make finding out the gender of your baby a fun surprise for everyone by turning it into a fun photo that you can send around. Some cute ideas include releasing pink or blue balloons out of a box or you could incorporate a cute colour frame to hold around your belly.

So why not grab your camera and try something different with your family.  Or find a local photographer who will happily get creative with you.

Here at ShutterHut I'm always looking for interesting places here in Kent to shoot, or crazy ideas that I can try.

Want to connect with more arty people and find new ways to get creative, pop along to Your Creativity Hut.

Have fun getting creative and enjoy your photos.  Remember they are such a precious record of delightful family memories.

“Photography takes a instant out of time, altering life by holding it still”

Love Sophia x