My daughter and I have been in lockdown since the middle of March.  Now I know somethings are slowly returning to some kind of normal but my daughter is still sheilding until the first of August.  So if you are like me, you ran out of ways to keep the kids busy…months ago!

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5 Creative Activities Your Artsy Child Will Love

If your child loves anything artsy and creative, chances are you’re struggling to find new activities that will keep them busy and help them express their creativity.

Whether you need some new activities for the upcoming summer holidays, or you don’t have any plans for this weekend, here are several activities that your naturally creative little one will love.

1  Create rock pets. Get a few smooth and relatively flat rocks and pebbles together for a fun art project. With some paint and a touch of imagination, your kids can spend time creating rock pets and creatures that they can leave in the garden or use as paperweights. Another idea is to dribble and pour different color paint over rocks to create a technicolor effect.

2  Give them a photography scavenger hunt. If your child loves taking creative photos, create a photography scavenger hunt that will give them the chance to explore and get creative. Whether they shoot on a basic DSLR camera or a smartphone, give them a theme to follow or ask them to look for specific objects. Get them to report back with their findings. You can even print out some of their best creations for your home.

3  Paint with salt. This is a fun way to spend an afternoon and you don’t need much either. Add some white glue to a paper surface and sprinkle salt all over it. Use a dropper to collect watercolor paint or food coloring and drop the different colors over the paint. Get creative with how you add the glue to the surface so that you can create different shapes and images with the salt. Once the salt dries, your child will have another perfect painting to add to their collection.

4  Use nature for self-portraits. Get your child to spend time considering their facial structure and features by getting them to build a self-portrait using a cardboard cutout and elements from nature. This can be grass, flowers, leaves and whatever else they want to use to create a self-portrait.

5  Wrap cardboard letters. Give your kids something creative to hang on their bedroom doors. Start by cutting out a cardboard letter, collect some colourful yarn and start wrapping it around the letter. Mix up the colours to match their room and get the letters to really stand out.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to give your child new art projects to do. Tap into what they enjoy the most and give it a creative spin.

“Have no fear of perfection, you'll never reach it”  Salvador Dali

Have the most amazing time getting creative and be sure to cherish your works of art.

Love Sophia x

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