Hello my lovely friends,

My recent little adventures, where I realised it was more than a long weekend away.

I've never been one to jump on the band wagon of new ideas, crazes or wants.  I don't need or want everything or anything that others maybe gushing over.   I'm quite happy plodding along, in my own world, happy and content with what I have.   Which actually makes me sound, like I'm a nice women, easy, content….blah blah.

Actually its because of my extremely low self worth.  I don't or should I say didn't believe that I was entitled to anything.  Like many women, I would go without things that I needed if money was tight or just because I would not consider my needs.  I'm not alone in this trait, I'm not St Sophia, though I do think that has a fabulous ring, don't you?  Lots of women feel like this, particurlarly if they work in the home and support their husbands and children by being nursemaid to cleaner and everything in between,  without bringing in a full-time wage.

The one craze, faze or fad that I have embraced or at least am trying to is…..self care.   I can't say that I suddenly was enlightened by my own free will.  I was forced to take stock, to change, to allow myself to fulfil my needs.  Its an ongoing process and each day I need to remind myself that I am worth the joys that I seek.  Yes, did you hear that universe, “I'm worthy of my dreams and I'm ready for them”.

So with that in mind my small family and I headed to one of the Moseley family's favorite places in the UK, the delightful Isle of Wight, where peace always seems to be found.  Bloody…..hallelujah, is all I was thinking as we travelled to the ferry.

A boat in the blue sea at The Needles, Isle of Wight by ShutterHut


As soon as the Red Funnel ferry eases out of port and sets sail across the Solent, its as if a cloud starts to lift from my head and heart.  It feels as if I am stepping back into time.  A time when, most things were easier, food, travel and people.  Less stress and more connection to all that is around.  I start to feel the contentment that I`m sure we all chase.   This is definitly self care for me, and helps  my brain stop whirring around in no particurlar direction.


If you haven't yet been blessed with a visit to the island, I can not encourage you enough to book a trip this summer.

Treat yourself to breath taking scenery, fabulous weather and the best local food.

Ventnor Botanical Gardens, with it`s own micro climate boasts as to being the hottest garden in the UK and it is truly stunning.  Visit the different country zones, taking in the many species of plants that normally grow hundreds of miles away and spot the little lizards sunny themselves on the rocks. I'd love to be one of those  funky creatures, soaking up the rays day after day.

You can certainly spend a whole day at the gardens, so take some supplies, drinks and snacks that can refuel you as you go on your botanical adventure.  There is a restaurant in the middle of the gardens which has a large pool outside filled with fish and we found two terrapin, lazing on a little island close enough, that we could have touch them, if we choose to.  To top this splendid attraction of, there is a little children's play park of at the end of the walk.  We sent our kids off with a map and got them to find the play park on their own, they loved the sense of achievement and adventure. Best of all we had some well deserved peace….happy days.


Of course if a day at the beach is more your idea of heaven, there are so many to chose from.  From Ventnor, where I was treated to the best ice cream, I've ever tasted, to Sandown, where we hired a whole beach set, beds, parasol and wind break for peanuts.  There are paddle boards and boats to hire also and a fabulous pier.   If the kids are happy and having fun that means this mumma can rest and recharge this aging body and brain soaking up the sun, like my lizard friends…..self care at its best, for me.  Of course if you prefer a little bit of fossil hunting, head to the west coast and set the kids to hunting.  Don`t forget to visit the Isle of Wight Pearl, where you can pick your own oyster to be opened in front of you and then the pearl is valued and certificated.  My daughters and I love this.  We now have five in this house, waiting to be made into jewellery, I'm excited!!  



Our long weekend of recharging at a nice slow pace also included stepping back in time at Osborne House, always a must, for me.  It's so easy to see why it was Prince Albert's favourite place to be.  Beautiful, educational and all the staff are super friendly and helpful.  Even letting my daughter use one of the toilets in the house, that are not open to the public…..oh the thought, she put her bottom on a royal loo!!!!


Blackgang Chine is somewhere we have also visited several times. The quaint rides and the great dinosaurs as you walk around, seriously the best I've seen.  The man in our family loves playing cowboys as we run around the cowboy town. He's even allowed a cap gun and bangers, he's in his element, the big little man.

A T-Rex taken at Blackgang Chine in the Isle of Wight by ShutterHut Photography “Be scared, be really scared”


I was able to recharge my batteries and rediscover whats important in my life while on the island.  We  stayed at Parkdean holiday resort, in Thorness Bay,  its the third time that I have stayed there and it really is a smashing holiday camp.


Sometimes the direction that we are travelling in needs changing, sometimes difficult decisions need to be made and I find that I can only do that sensibly when my brain is clear and my heart is a peace, so a little bit of self-care and love is needed to put me in that place.  For me, the ocean, sandy beaches and plenty of natural beauty to gaze upon and of course photograph always realigns me.  It helps me tune into my true self and connect with my authentic mission, desire or whatever word, you wish to insert there.  

Whether you are a woman working in the home or  you are running your our business, you need to put yourself first sometimes.  Self care to you could be just having a nice relaxing bath to refocus, it could be going for a ten mile run or a luxury facial, like the ones offered here a ShutterHut, but whatever it is, you need to remember yourself.   Every day not just at the end of the month after burnout.

What one thing are you going to do today, just for you?

I read a book recently by Dr. Rangan Chatterjee called The 4 Pillar Plan.  He encourages his patients to take 15 minutes every day to do something completely for themselves, a walk, meditate, listen to music.  However he states no mobile devices allowed, as they are a distraction.  So I challenge you to follow his advice for the next two weeks and see how much of a positive impact it has on your life and then on the lives of your family.


“Fall in love with taking care of yourself, mind, body and spirit”

Remember….we all are important, as women we are not there just to serve others first…we deserve all that our hearts and minds can dream.

Love Sophia x

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