Well it`s been a super busy time for us here at ShutterHut and YOU, which is a wonderful feeling and we are on cloud nine….all be it a little frazzled.

We were very privileged recently to organise a mini pamper and portrait party for some very lucky little ladies, who were a total joy to work with.

Preteens, what a special group of girls they are, sweet, innocence and eager for what lies ahead.  Full of enthusiasm for life and learning, still interested in the opinion of wise adults. Make the most of that folks, before the power of ‘The Friend' takes over.

We spent a lovely few hours with these girls, listening to their chatter about all the things important to them, they made us giggle with their funny ‘language'.  As my daughters like to keep reminding me, “You, are so not with it, Mum”, “Ok dears!” is my retort.

During our pamper we only use Tropic products, because they are totally vegan and chemical free.  It is so important that we take great care with their delicate skin and we feel very strongly that we must act responsibly when applying products to their skin.  We would not feel happy in using anything that could potentially harm them, either now or in the future. As  responsible business owners and mother`s ourselves, we will only ever use clean products.

It is important to bear in mind when allowing your children to use any products, that we absorb up to 60% of what we put on our skin. So all those nasty ingredients that you can`t even read the name of, yeah those, go on I dare you to give it a go…… A useful app for you all is ThinkDirty, if you get one new app this week, please let it be this.  This would make such a difference to you and your family, I promise.  You can look up any product that you are using and it will tell you all about its ingredients.  The app can also suggest cleaner options, it's fabUlous, it truly is.


So, first the little ladies had a facial, which included a lovely cleansing of their faces. Francoise then applied a face mask, which she left on their faces for approximately ten minutes, this they found hilarious as it went hard and they made fun of each other.  This was followed by a refreshing spritz of toner and a nourishing cream was then applied to their faces.  The girls felt spoilt and special, having a mini pamper made them feel grown up, in a way that didn't push them into teen hood, too soon, with a full face of make up.  Their mothers were happy that nothing that was used could cause any harm and that the girls enjoyed themselves immensely.  So everyone was happy, perfect party!!

Next came the mini portrait session.  So, females either absolutely love or loathe having their portrait taken and some can find it extremely intimating to ‘pose' in front of others.  Unless its on a iPhone, with whatever the in filter is, then of course they wait for the 100s of likes (This is older girls of course).  We make a private little pop-up studio at the parties and events that we attend.  So our little stars shone in their own confident space, it was truly amazing to be watch.  We feel strongly in showing them that they do not need to pout, stand a certain way to look beautiful in a image. YOU, is our event name and beYOUfabulous is in all of our social media because exactly that, YOU ARE FABULOUS and we loved helping the young ladies of the future realise that.

All the participants went home with a mini party bag, containing a Tropic gift.  Not only that, a week later, they all received their mini portrait from the session as a added gift from YOU, so a party with a difference, the gifts just keep coming.

One of the loveliest part for us, was the lovely feed back from the girls and the mums, from the service as a whole and the products that we used.

“My daughter felt totally spoilt”

“She enjoyed the smells of all the products”

“She felt like a star, being pampered and then having her portrait taken, by a professional”

“I was so happy that all the products were safe to use and that the girls were not totally made up beyond recognition”

“Combining a pamper with knowledge is a genius way to give impressionable girls valuable information”

This is of course just a brief outline of the party, we would be here forever if we documented everything.  We just wanted to share a little insight into our Mini Pamper and Portrait Parties.

We feel extremely blessed to be able to combined work and passion, as well as be able to work with a range of wonderful people, whether it be at the younger end of the scale or the wiser end. The icing on the cake is knowing that we can have a positive effect on people's lives….holy cow, we are lucky ladies!!

We are now looking forward to all the events that we have coming up in the near future and getting to know many more people and creating memories that can be cherished forever.

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