Looking forward with excitement! And I`m not waiting until the New Year!

So this is the launch of my new website and the start of something wonderful; my business,  ShutterHut Photography.

I am so excited to be eventually putting myself out there.

I have been putting this off forever, and I mean forever. My excuses have been, right, you ready; kids, husband, animals, operation, house, illness, tidying the house, this is not perfect yet, that is not perfect yet, I am not perfect yet, she might say this, he might say that, they might laugh, they may not like me, my work. Basically, low self-esteem.

You get the idea don`t you, and yes, I could have gone on and on, probably for years. I know I am not alone in this trap of staying put… come on, own up.

However, I hit my threshold of boredom for my lame excuses this summer and decided to kick myself up the behind, so to speak. So here I am on the cusp of this exciting new adventure.

I love portrait photography with all of my being and am so blessed that I discovered my mentor Sue Bryce when I did. They say timing is everything and it truly is. I was ready for the training and the pushing; I have found my place. A place where I feel most comfortable and where I can use my creative talents to the full. I feel like ME again.

I hope to bring back the love of printing professional images in my small part of the world as this digital age saddens me a little. Sitting looking through old photographs of my loved ones is a real joy and can never be replaced by the swipe of a finger. I think, as a generation, we will come to regret storing all our memories instead of printing at least some of them.

So come on, let's get printing!

I provide a stunning service to my clients, from start to finish, with pure enthusiasm and dedication. Whether taking portraits of children, women, men, portfolio or corporate shots, my commitment is the same. My goal is to provide a wonderful service resulting in a fabulous product that can be treasured. I want to bring back the love of real images that can be held in your hands or hung on your wall to be gazed upon and enjoyed.

My studio is small, intimate and welcoming, where clients can feel at home and not intimidated.

I use mainly natural light when I can as I feel it is so honest as well as being flattering, which, let’s face it, us older women (and men) are interested in, wink, wink.

So here I go on this new adventure, where I hope, at some point in the not too distant future, I will be able to connect and work together with YOU!