Last month was definitely a month of new beginnings, new friendships, collaboration and growth!

I must admit that I am really not a winter person and venturing out over these winter months fills me with total dread…I would rather be tucked under my duvet with my smelly dog and feisty kitten.

However one of my drives last month was to network more, something that I have been totally useless at lately.  So one cold, damp Thursday morning I pushed myself out of the door to attend ‘Insightful Minds'.  I was nervous at the thought of meeting new people, surprise surprise!  However once I had made the decision to take action and push my butt out of the door, it seemed so much easier.

So off I went and I am so thankful that I took that action and did not succumb to any of the hundreds of reasons not to go, that were running through my mind.

The Insightful Minds meeting,  that is run by Liz Almond was a truly warm and inviting meeting.  I found everyone there to be open, engaging and extremely helpful.  It was the breath of fresh air that I needed, recharging my batteries for the upcoming month.  I made some lovely connections and can honestly say that I gained a great deal of useful advice.

One of the other participants that I felt a particular connection to, was Francoise De Smet, who is a ambassador for Tropic.  As we sat talking, we realised that we had similar ideas, for an event that we both had been envisioning  for a few months.  Also, that both of our businesses had elements that could make this event fabulous for all of those that would attend.

I had never heard of Tropic before.  However when Francoise began to explain about the concept, I was totally intrigued and captivated by the beautiful products. I had been trying to make more healthier decisions about my body, exercise and diet etc. So it made perfect sense to me that making better decisions about what I put onto my skin was also something that I should be looking at.  I had never thought about how many chemicals I was absorbing through my skin when using the different products that I use, (ok I don't use a lot and you can tell).  Which is quite funny, as I always try, when I can, not to use products tested on animals. So I think about animal cruelty but not about dangers to myself! It made sense to me that in this modern age where certain diseases are becoming so prevalent I should try to take back some control within the elements that I can change.

So always the sceptic, I arranged for Francoise to come to my studio.  She gave me a facial so I could try out some of the products for myself.  I have to say I was totally overwhelmed at how luxurious the products were.  The smells and textures were top quality and I felt like I was being pampered in a magnificent spa. Well, in a modest studio, with fabulous, delicious products, at least.

I took a few products away with me when I recently went on holiday (more about that adventure another time).  My absolute favourite has been Organic Elixir because let`s face it, at 47 years young, I may have a few wrinkles and my face could do with a little helping hand.  Another product that has proven a firm favourite in my house and has been stolen between my 20 year old and 10 year old daughters, is Tamahu Healing Balm.  Its fantastic for scratches, spots and such like.

Francoise and I are making plans for collaboration in the future, which I am so excited about.  More details to follow………

So in March I learnt……………”Great things never come from your comfort zone”

My reread book last month was “Playing Big” by Tara Mohr.  Its full of inspiration and guidance for edging out of the  ” Duvet Comfort Zone” and finding and more importantly grabbing the opportunities that are presented to you. Grab yourself a copy and a cuppa, prepare to be motivated.

Wishing you all a fabulous month and may spring come soon to us all.  Check out my social media for information about Spring Mini Sessions here at ShutterHut Photography.  Treat yourself to a beautiful portrait to celebrate…..well anything!

Love Sophia x