Who's had a long lasting relationship with that thief of hope and dreams……fear?

I would imagine at some point in your lives or maybe on several occasions, like me you shared your life with that devil!  I guess like me, he held you with such force, that you said a resounding “NO” to many wonderful opportunities.

Here's a way-out thought for you though, was it YOU hanging onto fear, not him hanging onto you?  Because, like me it was easier to say…..

“I can't possibly do that because, I can't spell, write, speak, I'm not intelligent enough”

“No-one would want to hear my story, be my friend, work with me”

“Oh, my work is so mediocre, such and such is so fantastic”

“So and so said I was stupid, disgusting, uneducated, a kid from a broken home, evil, I should know my place and stay there.”

I could go on and on with all the ways that I stopped myself.  It wasn't fear, it was me, just me!  I hid beneath fear's blanket because that was the easy option, plain and simple.  It was easier, warmer and safer to stay exactly where I was, even if I was a shell of who I wanted to be.

That was until last month and oh boy, did I stop hiding. February was phenomenal in so many ways and all because I chose to take a risk on failing, people not liking me, ruffling a few feathers and generally making an ass of myself.

Guess what, none of those things occurred, well at least I don't think so.  If I'm truthful I really don't care anyway and that's the first time that I've felt that way in 48yrs.

“I don't care!”

I followed my heart and path, did my honest best with a heart full of gratitude and the hope of helping others by sharing a painful part of my soul's secret.

This all came about with the publication of ‘The Girls Who Refused To Quit' on the 6th of February.  A book in which 13 other ladies and I honestly share our stories of overcoming adversity.

The Girls Who Refused To Quit

In the few weeks since publication, there has been  several other opportunities to share our journeys and help others, from newspaper articles, radio and TV interviews, opportunities to work with several charities and an up-coming interview and advert.

Amazon Author Bio

So far, I've said yes to every one because I'm no longer that fearful little girl hiding from the world or not allowing anyone to get close to me.

‘FABurary' as I now re-naming Feb' was truly amazing not only for the amazing opportunities or the fact that by the end of the first day the book was No'1 in one Amazon catergory and by the end of the second day No'1 in 6 categories and still sitting there a week later. For me, the true reward was the loving connections and support that I received.  From close friends, old friends, new friends, strangers and organizations who reached out to me to offer me support, encouragement and love.  I was so amazed by the gestures of support.  Each time some-one took the time to message me, it reinforced the reason why I had chosen at last to share apart of me that I had kept buried for such a long time. 

By sharing our truths we help others realise that is possible to come through a dark period, no matter how bleak it may feel while travelling through it.

I encourage you all to step out of that comfort zone, say “Thank you for coming, but you can leave now” to fear and grasp those opportunities that are waiting for you, because they won't wait forever.

For anyone that wants to step out of their comfort zone and in front of a camera, please get in contact!  It's my mission to get as many women and men, as I can shining in front of the lens! And loving themselves!

“She never felt ready but she was brave and the Universe responds to the brave”

From the bottom of my heart I thank you all for your love and support in FABurary

love Sophia,

Come and connect with me.