Why Every Parent Should Send Their Child to Photography Club

Every child should experience a summer club or camp at last once in their lives and if it’s linked to something they’re passionate about, even better.

Photography clubs have become increasingly popular and for good reason. If your child has a keen interest in photography and has a natural creative streak, you may want to consider sending them to a kid’s photography club this summer.

Here’s why more parents are loving this concept.

*Teach your child a new skill. If your child can usually be found wandering around with your smartphone taking photos, a photography club will help them grow their passion and hone their skills. Photography can be taught using a basic DSLR camera or a smartphone – every club is different.

*Grow their confidence. Because a photography club is getting your child to try something new and excel at it, it automatically boosts their confidence levels. Children don’t always want to step out of their comfort zones, but when they do, it has a major positive effect on their mental state. 

*Enhance their creative side. Photography club is one of the best ways to get your child to express themselves. If they’re already interested in photography, a club will help them develop their own unique style.

*Get outside. A photography club usually includes field trips that allow kids to shoot in different settings. If your child loves exploring or you want them to see more of their city, a photography club is the perfect solution.

*Expand their social skills. Your child will be interacting with many other kids during a photography club. Whether they’re shy or quite sociable, a club will teach your child more about interacting with and respecting others and making new friends.

*It’s a whole lot of fun. Summer clubs are fun in general and if your child can spend more time doing something they love, this will be one of their best summers yet.

When choosing a photography club, do a little research and speak to parents who have sent their kids there before. This will give you an idea of what your child will be doing and who will be teaching them. You want to choose a club that will give your child the opportunity to shine in their own way in a nurturing and educational environment.

Of course I'm going to say that photography is one of the most wonderful things that your child could learn…hmmm, because it is.

If you are interested in lessons for your child or even yourself, please do send me a message.  I offer 1-1 aswell as group classes.  Even in this strange time of lockdown, nothing stops me…I've discovered the wonders of teaching by zoom…fabulous tech!


“Develop a passion for learning”

Love Sophia x