I've been lucky enough to work with some truly amazing and talented women, however many of them have something very similar in common, a fear of being on camera! Which I find shocking as each women that I have photographed has a truly wonderful presence and I've been honoured to photograph each one.

However with my experience as their photographer in mind I put together ‘Fearful To FabYOUlous'  9 Tips to shine on camera, whether you are booking a photographer for the first time to update your business images or you are starting to do ‘lives' on your business pages, these tips will just give you a little more confidence to shine in front of your clients.

If you would like your free copy of ‘Fearful To FabYOUlous and give yourself the slight edge that you need in this noisy business arena, just drop me a message here.

Fearful To FabYOUlous

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“Remember that you can't get YOU wrong, so just be unapologetically YOU”

Love Sophia x