We were truly blessed last month to be invited to work with a group of women, who were beyond inspirational to us.  Each had battled with cancer and were on the road to recovery.  Each one made us feel extremely blessed by the fact that they had trusted us with their pamper and portrait treat.  We each learnt a great deal that day and came away with a stronger dedication to the mission of our business.  We realised that we a providing a really important service, which just happens to be a delight to experience…..thank you universe!!!

Our beautiful host had laid on a spectacular spread of delicious sandwiches and cakes for the ladies, as well as us.  My word it was hard to work with those tempting scones smiling at us!!!  Yes we did indulge, we couldn't help ourselves, scones, clotted cream and jam, come on!!

Each lady had a luscious facial by our lovely Lucy, using our very own Tropic skincare products.  These products are totally save to use on these ladies as they are free from all harmful chemicals. The ladies were pampered for about 15 minutes, with an array of products. The aroma`s coming from the facial room (front room), were amazing, sorry this isn't scratch and sniff, that would be so cool.  Just take my word for it, pineapples, coconut and a medley of other wonderful ingredients.

Three gorgeous face masks….they smell soooo yummy!

Next our ladies experienced a beautiful make over that was provided by the very talented Helena, http://www.helenasergeant.com. This girl knows her trade and was a joy to work with. Once again Helena only used our totally clean Tropic products. Nothing but the best for these special women.

Lip Fudge….yep fudge! in three tempting flavours.

Next our fabUlous ladies experienced a mini portrait session in our pop up studio, using only natural light !!!  NO filters needed for these extremely beautiful women…..yes you heard right…NO FLIPPING FILTERS.  Of course we heard the normal, I`m not photogenic, no smiling for the first few minutes but they all soon got into the swing of it and every lady was smiling and laughing at the end of their shoots.

We have only added a small selection of the images that we took on that day, because there are too many incredible images to include them all. Its just a little taster of one of our Charity Pampers.  Once again, thank you ladies, it was more than a pleasure to work with you all.

Natural light portrait, no filters involved!!!

Smiles all round, all day!

The whole day was a total joy from start to finish and we are looking forward to many more charity events like these, where we get to share our services and knowledge but get so very much back in return.

“We`re stronger together”  Breast Cancer Awareness

“Here`s to strong women. May we know them. May we raise them. May we be them”  Anon

“Be YOU, fabUlous”  YOU

May we ask you to support the women around you, no one knows what is going on in another's life's, don't judge others, don't be quick to put others down and always spare a minute for those that could do with a listening ear.  Together will can make a huge difference.

All our love,

Francoise, Lucy, Helena and Sophia




Delicious smells and soft skin, could you ask for more?