7 Fun Activities that Your Kids Can Enjoy This Summer

Here's some super simple ideas for you because some times we all have moments of blankness when we can't find things to entertain our offspring.

Summer is well and truly here, which means it’s time for parents to start thinking of ways to keep their kids busy.
The warmer weather is also the perfect excuse to get outside.
Watching movies at home and playing outside in the garden will only keep your kids busy for so long. If
you want to do something a little different, here are a few activities that will keep them entertained and

1.  Meet local heroes. Did you know that you can set up a tour of a local police or fire station? This
is not only a fun outing, but your kids will get to meet some of the heroes of your neighborhood
too. You will need to call ahead to arrange this though.  How much fun would that be for your budding Fireman Sam!

2.  Head out to a petting zoo. Does your kid love animals? Why not set a day aside to go to a
petting zoo? This is a fun and simple way to spend some time outside while the weather is at its
best.  How about get them to take a few snaps on your phone and print out them when you get home. You could even start a scrap book for the summer.

3.  Enroll them in a kid’s photography club. If you are always finding photos that your child took
on your phone and they’ve shown a keen interest in photography, you may want to consider
signing them up for a kid’s photography club. The groups generally run over several days and
will teach your child a new skill while they get to embrace their creative side.

4.  Design obstacle courses. If your kids have boundless energy and they love spending time
outside, why not get together with some of the other parents and create a few obstacle courses
that everyone can enjoy? It’s simple and you can use stuff that you already have at home.

5.  Sign up for a kid’s cooking class. If your little one loves helping you out in the kitchen, why not
find a kid’s cooking class so that they can enhance their skills while having a bit of fun. You might
even want to join in and turn it into a family activity.

6.  Have a craft day. This is another activity that you can get a few parents involved with. By
purchasing a few supplies and putting some tables together, you can turn a normal vacation day
into a craft day.

7.  See your city. When was the last time you were a tourist in your own city, if ever? Have you
taken your child to see some of the city’s most popular attractions? This is a great way to spend
a summer day.

With a little out of the box thinking and a quick internet search or phone call or two, you can easily keep
your kids busy all summer long.

Which means that they won't drive you sooooo crazy. just a tiny bit!

Have fun, take it easy and don't stress about the mess or the days that they just eat chocolate because it's the memories and cuddles that count.

“Your children will not remember the gifts but they will remember the moments”

Love Sophia x